LTS specializes in Team Training and Team Development on a variety of platforms. We have provided Strength and Conditioning Programs to a variety of teams, from a variety of different sports, and at a variety of different levels. What differentiates our programs from our competitors is our attention to detail, our focus on teamwork and our strategic programming that focuses on the development of the teams sport. With our experience, we understand that not all athletes on a team are at the same level and with our initial testing phase, our coaches can assess where each athlete sits and what they need to work on.

Our Athlete Development programs are fully customized to what each athlete, small group or Team is looking for in order to take their performance to the next level. Programs can be designed for a 1:1 Training, Remote and Satellite Coaching, Team Training and Small Group Development.

Athlete Development is available for any age group and includes things such as Nutritional Guidance, proper supplementation, Scholarship Pathway Programs, and much more. As all team requirements are different, for any further information on programs or pricing please contact us.

We offer programs that cater to the sport of each team and in doing so provide training in our facility but also in the domain of which the team plays. We have coaches that specialize in the following training principles as well as consultants that we bring in to help us assess a team in a domain we are not familiar with.

- On Field (Soccer, Baseball, Football)
- On-Ice (Hockey)
- Court (Basketball and Volleyball)
- Water (Rowing, Paddling, Canoeing)
- Road (Cycling and Running)
- Track (Track and Field)

By definition, Strength and Conditioning is the combination of fitness and physical performance created by using exercise prescriptions specifically catered to improving performance in athletic competition. Strength coaches also help athletes with injury prevention and proper mechanics within their sports performance.

At LTS, our Strength and Conditioning Programs focus on grass roots development, meaning we start from the bottom, no matter what your previous experience is, and we build up focusing on form and technique before anything else. In our individual or small group settings, it allows our Coaches to really focus on our athletes to ensure they are moving safely and are properly preparing themselves for success. 

Our Strength and Conditioning Programs include:

- 1:1 Training with a Coach
- Small Group Training (Maximum 4 Athletes)
- Team Training  

At LTS, we focus on making sure we can get the most out of every one of our athletes. As a result, we offer Athlete testing, specific to each Athlete's sport. We do this for a few different reasons, firstly it allows us to understand where each athlete is in terms of their performance when they walk through our doors, this gives us a baseline of where they are at and then we create a plan to build on that. 

Secondly, we provide and initial assessment as well as daily testing protocols to ensure that if an athlete happens to get injured in their sport, we have a physical baseline assessment that allows us to ensure the athlete is back to their original performance levels before returning to competition. This is particularly important in relation to concussions, should an athlete get a concussion during competition, we can ensure that their performance levels are back to 100%, without risk of returning to the sport too early. 

Lastly, many of our athletes look to advance to the next level in their sport, whether that is competing in the NCAA, CIS, or at the professional level, all of these advanced levels require their athletes to go through testing. We use the testing protocols from each sport in our facility so that scouts, coaches, our recruiters can be given any information their need on an athlete at any time. 

We also offer testing for sports teams and clubs. We can arrange to have your team or club at our facility as well as come to you and setup our equipment to run your athletes through our testing protocols and allow you as a coach or trainer to see where your athletes are at.  

Getting Started

The Teens Fitness program is intended for athletes between the ages of 12 and 16. At LTS we focus on the development of our athletes functional movement to further develop them in their sport or in their day to day lives. We encourage and instill a healthy lifestyle in every athlete that walks through our doors with hopes that they grow and become aware of making health conscious decisions in their futures. 

Our Teens Fitness program is led by Coach Paul Ferri who is a Kids Certified Trainer as well as a Level 1 CrossFit Coach. He has been coaching teens in various sports for years and has an extensive background in training hockey, soccer, football, golf and volleyball players specifically. Coach Ferri also has lots of experience working with teens who come from no athletic background but are looking to simply increase their fitness levels and overall health and wellness.  

Teen Fitness Membership Rates:

Our Teens Program runs on a monthly basis and invoices are sent out on the same day each month. Available class times are Monday's and Wednesday's at 7:30 and Saturdays at 11:00 a.m.

3 Sessions/Week $129.00 + HST

2 Sessions/Week: $99.00 + HST

1 Session/Week: $75.00 + HST

Please Contact Coach Ferri at or 437-215-8723 if you have any questions at all. 


Coach Ferri has built his business around maintaining a relationship with his athletes that are on the road. This includes teams that perform at a high level and travel, University Athletes that attend school out of town during the year, and Professional Athletes who play outside the Toronto Area. The Nutrition / Supplementation programs that LTS offers are designed to keep athletes on track during their time away from home. This allows both our trainers and our athletes to ensure they are doing what they need to in order to perform to the best of their abilities during the season or while they are on the road.

LTS offers the following Remote Coaching Program Options:

  • Nutrition and Maintenance Packages
  • Nutrition and Recovery Packages
  • Nutrition Only Packages
  • Performance Packages
  • Recovery and Rehabilitation Packages

LTS has partnered with RivalUS Supplements to ensure that our Athletes get the best products in the game. We provide our athletes with a guideline on what supplements to use to optimize their performance and get the most out of each training session. For more information contact us or visit our partner RivalUs

LTS also offers full meal services for our clients during or in the off season - these meal services deliver right to our facility and are a hand selected by your coaching staff based on athlete needs. This service is also great for a travelling team going to tournaments, so that their staff can have all their pre- and post- game meals set up and ready to go for their trip. 

We can also design a program that's right for you at home!


In order to achieve prime athletic performance, you must condition both the mind and the physical body. Through training and conditioning the mind, athletes can learn the mental skills and strategies necessary to perform consistently under changing and challenging situations. That's why we're working with Dr. Nicole Folland at Athlete Excellence.

Dr. Nicole Folland

Athlete Excellence Performance Coaching

Dr. Nicole Folland at Athlete Excellence Performance Coaching works with adolescents and young adults to boost their sport performance and push their boundaries to achieve more. With a focus on mental skills and goal-oriented attitudes and behaviours she assists young individuals in shaping their future and fostering healthy and successful relationships with themselves, their families and their coaches. 

Dr. Folland is committed to developing athletes who not only have the mental strength to maximize their athletic performance, but also the emotional tools necessary to thrive in professional sport activity, post-secondary education and the challenges of adult life.    

"Luck? Sure. But only after long practice and only with the ability to think under pressure." 
- Babe Didrikson Zaharias (Golf, Basketball, and Track and Field Athlete) 

For more information, or to book directly with Dr. Folland, visit Athlete Excellence.