Our focus is on dedication to our Athletes - we don't focus on numbers and volume coming through the door, we focus on each athlete to ensure they are given the best possible program that will take them to the next level. Our process is simple, we safely introduce all of our athletes to a developmental program that allows their bodies to adapt and understand the movement patterns we put them through. We pride ourselves on accurate progression to ensure the increase in training is done properly to avoid our athletes from burning out or obtaining injuries. We want to see everyone that walks through our door succeed and we are focused on preparing you the best way can to achieve steps towards success in your athletic endeavours. 

LTS has access to some of the most sought after training tools in the Sports Performance and Strength and Conditioning world. Our cutting edge concepts allow our athletes to accurately test their performance and allow them to see the progress they make for the hard hours they put into their training. 

If YOU want to BE YOUR BEST ATHLETE, come and check out LTS today!